Our Team

kinetic-staff 06Jo is our director and resident chat queen. She is a fan of a sob story and loves some sparkle and Greyhounds.

kinetic-staff 03Richard aka (Uni boy) is the ‘brains’ behind the organisation… and has the glasses to prove it. He has an eye for a bargain and the stomach for value ham.

kinetic-staff 07Matt is the official ‘carer’ sweetheart. He co-ordinates and plans services but in his famous ‘relaxed’ and meticulous style. Matt is acutely prone to cold and man flu!

kinetic-staff 02Kerry ‘the telly addict’ co-ordinates and plans services too (in between routine management of her nails and being the company agony aunt)

kinetic-staff 04Chrisy is our backbone and does all things admin. She keeps us organised and can be relied upon to know anything (good to have on your pub quiz team) Working with Laura they both give full support to the rest of the team. When she’s not in work you’ll probably find Chris in the kitchen as she loves to cook. Out of the kitchen she enjoys socialising with her friends and keeping fit. Her dislikes are heights and celebrity wanabees.

kinetic-staff 08.Kirsty is one of our care coordinators. Outside of work Kirsty loves to get away to a sunny destination and socialising with friends and family. She dislikes the dark, scary movies and reality TV.

kinetic-staff 01John is our backbone in training & recruitment and is the prankster of the team. He is a slave to the gym (his body is a temple). John interviews new candidates and helps them through a training programme that ensures all Kinetic carers are of the highest standard.

kinetic-staff 05Dan is our techno wizard and all round good egg. His main weakness is not being able to use a kettle. Dan is a valued member of our Domiciliary Care Co-Ordination team.

kinetic-staff 09Win co-ordinates our Palliative and end of life services. She has a calm head in a crisis… comes from her days of managing The Leadmill nightspot.

kinetic-staff 10Laura is also one of our Care Co-Ordinators. She's very girlie and likes all things purple and sweet smelling. Outside of work Laura loves a bit of retail therapy and sitting in front of a mirror for hours doing her makeup. She dislikes veg, spiders and being cold.

CQC Report 2017

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