Palliative Care / End of life

Palliative Care / End of life

What is Palliative home Care?

Palliative Care will try to make life for you and your family a little bit easier.

It aims to make people suffering from advanced progressive illnesses as comfortable as possible.

Our aim is to provide psychological and emotional support and help maximise independence.

Palliative care is usually given or known to be given to individuals suffering from cancer or a terminal illness, however it is now used to describe a much wider range of debilitating conditions.

We can provide care services for a number of things, we have made a list of a few below:

People who have palliative home care are people who:

  • Want to be cared for at home
  • Have a debilitating illness e.g. Dementia, heart failure, Parkinson etc
  • Have cancer or a terminal illness
  • Have a home where care can be provided
  • Wish to pass away in their own home or with loved ones
  • Feel more comfortable within their home

What services does palliative care provide?

  • A full assessment so we can meet your needs
  • Emotional support for family and friends
  • other services such as:
    • looking after the home
    • letting family or friends have a break
    • washing, bathing
    • assistance with medication
    • Work with family or friends so everyone is supported

What will we do to help YOU?

At Kinetic we will do our best to help you and your family through a very hard time. Our palliative team are trained to extremely high standards and are some of the most caring people you might ever meet.

We tailor our services according to the needs of the client. We know that they may require varying hours, depending on the client's needs.


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